10 Vital Steps to Improve Your Triathlon Swim

This article is completely focused on traiathlon and helps the triatheletes to recognize their talent and abilities, all that they need is a different techniques and styles of training to improve their swimming skills. For instance, the six feet, four inches Phelps can propel 2m like a speed boat, which is not possible for a normal people. And also he swims 45 miles per week, which is incredible but you have to concentrate on other two sports along with swimming. Recently I completed a triathlon in St George Utah, and it was an incredible experience to say the least.

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The basic pool principle is that all triathletes and swimmers should learn to streamline their techniques and maintain their body strength then it is easy to achieve their goal faster.

If you are a beginner in triathlon swim, then you can go with any stroke in the swim, but focous mostly on freestyle because it gives you best cardio workout. Freestyle stroke helps you move all your muscles and helps you build core strength and also helps you burn calories. Here you can find 10 steps to improve your triathlon swim.

  1. Swim tall: Terry Laughlin says that water is thousand times denser than air. The important factor is to slide your body through the small hole in the water. Think that the central axis expanding from the apex of your head to the other opposite end of the pool. Turn your body along with axis for each stroke, extending your top arm forward, and keep your abs and lower back tight as you use the force from both your legs and arms.
  2. Dive an anchor: Swimming requires movements from both arms and feet. With your hand and a forearm you hold the water at the right angle towards your upper arm and plowing in like you are collecting sand with a scoop. Keep your hands flat, firm and broad. You should not push your arm through the water the extent as affixing it and pulling your body above it.
  3. Heavy Rotation: Each stokes starts with your arm and the side of your body pointing at the bottom of the swimming pool. The other side of the body should be lifted with the arm which finished the stroke and ready to get back into the water. In the mean time your other arm pulls the water when you turn your upper body to provide acceleration.
  4. Put your head down: Freestyle swimmers hold their head high. This may force to drop the rest of the body rotating it into a high drag digging. When you keep your head down it helps you cut drag, and keep your upper body high, which may reduce strain on your lower back and neck.
  5. Find your slide lane: Fewer strokes are good when you are swimming in the pool. But, your goal must be high DPS (Distance per Stroke). The Ace swimmers like Phelps can easily swim 25m in just 7 strokes. You can try to swim in below 20 by saving energy. Pull your body above your anchor and keep on swimming forwards with one arm backwards and other one forward. When you feel you are slowing down, then start the next stroke.
  6. Pull your feet: According to Phelps, if you kick well, then you are good swimmer. The secret is rotating your feet into arms. Your legs should be tight and cut through the water, and your feet must be flexible. This will help you break the down stroke for each kick, and help you rotate your torso through the central axis.
  7. Hold your breath: Don’t waste your breath. Gasping for air each time when your put your head near the surface is not a ideal way. Instead, count each breath. Insistently breathe out the air from your lungs before taking full breath quickly on the high side. First time swimmers must breathe after each stroke, but when their stamina increases, they can try taking breath on alternate strokes. It will reduce the strain on your shoulders and neck.
  8. Find your racing structure: Your body structure must be fit for training, when the triathlon race begins, you will forget how to carry out. It happens to every swimmer, once you start swimming, you just want to see other triathletes are doing and how well they are performing. You don’t need to swim fast during the initial stage of triathlon; it can reduce your energy levels, so the best way is to maintain your effectiveness at high intensity.
  9. Find your Sill: Take 5 minutes to warm up, and then take 500m test. Start at a speed where you can clasp for more than 500m and increase gradually so that you can put 90% effort for the last 100m.
  10. Drill bits: Avoid dangers with simple swimming drills, asks your coach about the drill bits and in no time you will become a pro swimmer.

Follow these ten step to became a pro swimmer and improve you triathlon swim. Understanding your weak points and taking help from expert swimmer can help your improve your techniques and help you swim better. Try these ten useful tips and become a ace swimmer in no time.

Best Tips To Find Cheap Flights Online

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Communities, forums and travel blogs


When we are thinking about making a short break or a longer trip, we are guided primarily by experience and advice from others. This is not new. Always the recommendation of a friend was a point in favor of that doctor, hotel or restaurant suggested. What has changed is that now thanks to the internet has expanded to infinity that group of “friends” who hear.


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Operators and travel agencies online


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