When Traveling, The Actual Destination Isn’t Generally Important

Traveling in itself is a pleasure. For me perhaps it is the greatest pleasure. I keep finding cases and listen to people and discredit the fact of traveling talking about the importance of the destination, ignoring the really important part of a trip.

I understand that visiting Thailand, travel around Argentina from Buenos Aires to Patagonia or around Iceland enjoying some of the most breathtaking scenery in the world is very attractive, but we cannot forget that travel far beyond the fate of the wonderful places that hides our planet and the exotic name of the place we visited.

Traveling is a complete experience, ranging from companionship you can show to those who are with you, until you learn about the simple things around you. It is precisely the latter that I personally full of travel. When in my daily life I enjoy with my friends, I do it in a controlled environment in which we know well, but the situation changes when we travel. Smiling, enjoy and be happy next to the people we want on a trip is a way to discover that every day we are surrounded by one of the most important gifts anyone can receive, and it does not matter where.

A few weeks ago I visited with some of my best friends, a place much less likely to call my attention to Chichen Itza in Mexico or Petra in Jordan, but where I turned myself to remember the importance of being surrounded by the people, something which unfortunately forget the routine of our lives.

Finally I want to clarify that I am not advocating some destinations over others, just trying to remember that traveling is an experience far superior to where we’re going, and includes such important things like friendship, trust and love.