Playing Golf as the People Sports

As long as the Golf is a sport, it is a human activity and as such subject to all the vicissitudes of the soul. But golf is just a sport or is a passion, an addiction, an art, the “joy of living”, an illusion, passivity?

This sport, first played on the moon, played the third in the world after the foot -ball and basketball, practiced by celebrities put in it the most secret of their lives is for many an attractive and peaceful captivity, the sport that can make sense of their weekends and even your entire week.

Golf is a sport that has a profuse and varied history, both in origin and in its development and improvement.

From all this would testify the Etruscan people, which we know had that level of intelligence that characterized not only by its high scientific level and for their art, but also to have discovered the “magic of golf.”

Peoples from around the world play it. Catch both youth and adults and mature. Men and women compete with bat , ball , hole , winds , temperatures , their abilities and disadvantages , their personal factors favorable or discordant , their triumphs and failures , their hopes and their ” fights ” … all within one of the most beautiful landscapes in praise golf is necessarily played. Natural Landscape Company that has an audience that is like none the athlete.

A dignified, respectful, supportive and affectionate audience also feels trapped in the fantastic golf network that gives with open hands.

Multiple factors that are needed must have that person who yearns to play golf. Factors that must be integrated into stable and always active form. Among many others are precision, care, ( both internal and external ) overall perception , perceptual – energy calculation , physical balance body born of a slight distortion, articulated breath, the moment of impact ( due to a high level integration of these factors ) , their overall fitness and finally healthy mental state .

Other factors have to do with their vocation, their learning , their ” holding ” to support the computational error , the alternative introversion, his taste for pleasure, you will, your specific skills , taste so natural, your thoughts , your sportsmanship , your chances of ” desestrezación ” during the ” walk ” from one hole to another to reach the goal. Never end, a sport that bears on whether a scaffold, a constellation of the deepest and dissimilar personality factors.

Longtime and working in clinical psychology applied to sport, I could observe, evaluate and interpret these personality factors integrated into various sports which include golf.

Of course, every person liable to golf in keeping with it’s “back- ground” historical and determined by multiple and original processes of individuation, which must be taken into account when analyzing and interpreting the intimate relationship of an athlete with “their sport “. Both form an indissoluble identity dialectical nature that allow inferring and respect every human being as it is someone unique and unrepeatable in this Universe.

These unique personal characteristics will allow us to approach an “amateur” golfer consultation under “strictly” for his anxiety each “hit”. This feeling impairs their quality of learning. Once states: “I feel at every hit is as a matter of life or death, I cannot know because it is so dramatic.”

Actually I follow all instructions from my teacher and despite this achievement not overcome anxiety. I think something must be linked to something else but I do not notice. “Pablo (fictional name to protect the identity of this person), has a good relationship with your teacher. Paul said, “my father is in many things.”

Paul began learning to play golf that inherited from his parents a house in a country of the province of Buenos Aires where there is a golf course. In his personal history there are many deaths, that of his sister when he was five years old, his mother when he was eight years old, died of an incurable disease and more recently his father in a car accident, the ” inexplicable ” Paul was separated from his wife three years ago according to which (according to his account), she could not get pregnant. At one point they thought they adopt a child, but his wife refused.

Paul says: “Marriage was not achieved “- “my mother did not survive her cancer” – we do not have a child “,” I managed myself not recover from as many hits. “

Those who are used to hearing beyond what we hear, we can with the ease that gives us the experience and theories, realize that in addition to other significant data that served to sustain and build their own ” family romance “, is significant use repeated two words that make up a ” leitmotif ” in his speech: golpe.Hasta achievement and now Paul does not realize his ” crutches “.

As one of the most effective methods for cross ethical human beings is to listen attentively to his words with his last and resonant associations, I wait until Paul “realize that talking. But wait … all pays off. This came a day when Paul said, “I cannot get many hits recover from.” Expresses himself in a flash all suffered losses.

The day we were able to associate their anxiety to these accidents, was a day of glory. Paul says “ah, now I realize my fault … Playing golf …. And they killed that different land uses!! .

His guilt is this naturally unconscious anxiety manifested as psychomotor case prevented him from Logar hit that would allow access to success. For depths succeed to stay alive.

Is this a typical and unique personal situation that sport, of course not any sport, any sport, of course not, serves as a “support ” a psychological structure in which an unresolved emotional conflict is affecting the effective learning of the same .

Here’s an original model on which the golf, glamorously show the intimate relationship with the unconscious affective and ethical values of everyone who plays it.

Of course, as noted above, the golf means for every golfer a particular personal constellation tied to the pleasure that it supports and provides all those who may be located beyond conflict and forming part of his life as a companion inseparable that he should be the purest loyalty.

As suggested in the previous article, write about people who play golf is to write about one of the forms of human passion. Although different INDICATED this the passion according to the internal structures of personality of each player, given that each person responds to the world and herself in particular singled out and form, a common feature golf is the sport mesmerizing exerted on each and every one of those who practice it .

As such, the sport of golf responds to an art form (from the ancient Greek, ” artao ” binding count – etymologically close to the word ” symbol ” throw together) But while it is a sport (from Latin. ” distract them ” escape the work) Thus we may assume that all sports would only pleasure, but this definition will have to book specifically for the “amateur” category, because when the sport is professionally made high group other values , including the liability takes a high level – up the spectrum structure. This sport is also a job. In golf, as in other sports, we find both arts, as pleasure, as the work, while responsibility. In fact, all athletes, and behave a certain quota of both aspects, ordered by the same characteristics of sport and of the practitioner.

Internal and external motivations operating in practice sports talk in the near future. But today … Today we will take care of a personality style that classify as “successful”. Success could be included in one of the many human passions.

Under the particular profile of this original sport, I have considered the need to weigh certain functions that historically characterize its structure. These, could be grouped into:

Neurological – Structure

Muscle – Structure

Emotionally Structure

Affective – Structure

Intellectual structure

Aptitude – Structure

Potentially Structure

Psycho – social – structure

Ethical rules – Structure

All of them certainly deserve particular and careful explanation, that’ll do it another chance. The same will be the basis to articulate, both theoretically and practically, a study of the “golfers “personality, which differs markedly from that of other athletes.

As noted above, each athlete activity deposited in intimate aspects of his personality.

Sport and will be “a sacred place “that will hold in its structure all projections of the people who play.

At this point in our work properly consider, as we talked about personality I propose a definition of the term. To that end, I felt very convenient for our purposes the definition of personality gives us All port

(l986): “Personality is the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychophysical systems that determine his unique adjustments to his environment.”

Terms deserve these particular explanations, which go by in subsequent articles.

Given this definition we approach a person who talks about their problems to achieve “all have continuous success and when he plays.”

Project that it seems impossible, from the start, because when we play anything, even meaningful game of life, we will always win something or we will lose something.

It really shows the scale of gains and losses on all orders of our existence. Knowing lose and gain knowledge requires a continual interplay where experience give us the framework for our quality of life. Why yearn for continued success? , Was the first question I asked Federico (alternate name)? Do you think this is possible? , Was the second. And so on, were the questions each time you were opening a spectrum of historical situations, dreams and projects that shaped the psychological reality of this mature man, father of four, married to a professional and having an economic welfare by attached great importance and that fears losing every moment, because, according to him, ” stay in this country is to have a successful beyond the earth itself.”

“Becoming a better” is the main goal of Federico. To be the best in everything: his marriage, his profession (lawyer), “in the institutions they belong, with my friends “(I ‘m the one who always pays meals, I do not know why).”In every sport I played was always the best,” pointed out the first time we met. The obvious question was: how many sports practiced? A long list is : rowing, tennis , some fencing , karate , duck ( who performed during adolescence ) , soccer , rugby, and some ” minor , such as ping- pong , basketball , hand -ball .”

At this point one may wonder if this is possible and if it would, perhaps, some conspiracy or wishful thinking, or fantasy, or, ultimately, some kind of truth. Of course to be the best in all these sports would be a kind of truth belonging to another dynamic organization. In order to corroborate certain assumptions that psychologists generally set ourselves in our work and serving initially as a guide, we use certain tests , some classic, some contemporary , which help us in our research task ( from the Latin ” investere ” follow the traces ) . One of these tests was that values, the leadership and the highest level were remarkable that Federico was assigned all items that form. These aspects and other “details” extracted from the interviews we allow access the system thought Federico was strongly organized around certain among which stand out , dignity, perfection, hyper moral , the only , the social, prestige, the level of others and self , status . These values allow you bond with your environment too demanding within a configuration, in which all “should be the best quality.” Of course, if some of these factors were not, Federico, devalued or by the situation or place, or grudgingly accepted it or not as necessary for your personal convenience or professionals.

Such a world is usually nearly impossible to find. Human beings are not perfect, but perfectible. A Frederick this idea will definitely “disgusting ” appeared (in his words).

Today admits that “le choice but to play golf.” Moved these values to golf, the sport makes it “impossible” and ” distressing”.

This brings us to another dimension : sport as a place of health. Considering these aspects – which we call “super-ego ” personality Federico, any sport becomes a place of anxiety, helplessness, disgust, of inability. It clarified the term “superego.” Demon superego (from a classic psychology ) , a part of our psychic structure , which are reserved the laws , rules, regulations , prohibitions, which help us to maintain a certain internal and external balance , allowing us to adapt to certain situations pose , as possible or not. Of course this psychic structure is too powerful, will prevent the free performance of our creativity, spontaneity, freedom, etc. Thus showing one extremely formal, highly competitive, hard conceptually rigid personality is not open to change or new information. In general, such individuals are not free to feel the pleasure of a sport, or simply the pleasure of living and plastically in a world of continuous change.

For a person to perform many sports, I think you should either have a privileged physical or have lived several lives, such as time-consuming task.

The question I asked was, but what you actually did all these sports? Federico answered seriously: ” Well, not all, but I know all the rules and regulations governing these sports. I know their structures and the names of almost all the champions. I wonder why the champions only and replies: ” Why only these are worthy of mention.” The word “dignity” echoed in interviews too many times. Federico really is a highly moral person and these values must be revalued in a world like this, on the “debacle” of the century, many significant and profound truths have been lost or at least do not appear as frequently that some people expect. It would be interesting to mention that Federico is the only son of an ex – judge and educated in a rigorous style of religiosity and behaviors controlled and often punished according Federico points out, beyond what is necessary. All “practiced” sports, some in their intellectual fantasy; compensation served the society in which he lived.

If we read well, we see that all the above sports are sports group nature. Team sports with these imaginary companions played Frederick in the long evenings of solitude in his province of southern Spain. With those companions “I always won. It was so I got to golf. With golf not compete with anyone, no one can beat me. With golf I can be perfect. The course allows me to show others who I am. Golf is not a charity for my sport; I am always accompanied by those who admire me. Is golf the brother I never had, or as you once told me (as expressed in a work session), a continuation of a parental mandate? Will golfers are happy? Does it give golf another kind of joy? ”

All these questions make up an organization in which Federico asks “beyond” the same sport. Federico asks about happiness, about joy, about pleasure, about other ways of being, on the origin of some trouble of his life.

Golf, viewed from this angle, you can change the lifestyle of a person who desires and has the resources to be otherwise. And who does not have resources to be otherwise? One can always learn from what this life gives us.

Important Decision in playing Golf as sport and exercise

The basic objective of the sport is to hit the ball on all 18 holes of the course with the fewest strokes possible. Nobody knows for sure how this game came refined.

The main clue points to a primitive version practiced in the Roman Empire, the paganica, where they used a stick to pocket a ball of wool. Have the modern golf only appear in the 15th century in Scotland, from where it spread to the rest of Europe.

Professional circuits today , the count of the score is based on a so-called pair index, which shows the number of strokes set to bring the ball up the field every hole . When we say that a hole is par 3, for example, means that three shots are usually required to pocket the ball.

The sum of the pair of holes in the pair of the field, i.e., the average strokes to complete the circuit. “Besides being a reference to the player, the pair makes it easy to compare the performance of athletes that are in different holes,” says the golfer Roberto Gomes, Brazilian and South American champion.

The players usually practice the sport accompanied by his caddy, a private helper of fundamental importance because, in addition to carrying the clubs, he gives tips on the best strategy to overcome each hole.

In total, about 30 rules governing specific situations of the sport – as the player who hits the ball and the other are punished by two strokes. However, some sports are played with different regulations.

In the game in teams, for example, only considers the number of strokes the player with the best performance in every hole.

Going to hell

To reach the target, you must choose the right clubs and overcome natural obstacles


There are three major types of clubs: the first is the wood or carbon, which has wide end to throw the ball long distances. The second is iron used for shots approaching the hole. The third is called the putter, thinner and light metal, used for precision strikes, already very close to the target.


The hole is only 10.8 cm in diameter against the 4.2 cm diameter ball that weighs 45 grams. In the distance a flag helps to visualize the target position on the field. However, when the golfer is about to pocket, it is taken not to disrupt the rally


Golf does not require specific dress code, but good etiquette forbids the use of shorts and tank top shirts. The basic kit includes loose clothing to facilitate handling, shoes with locks to secure your feet on the ground and hat for sun protection.


In some holes, strategically placed small forests create a bend between the starting point and the final target. This obstacle forces the change of direction, increasing the difficulty of reaching the hole with a single stroke


The easiest route to get to the hole is called the fairway (“the good way “in English ), where the trimmed grass does not bother your shots. The play is much more difficult if the ball fall into the rough (“rough ” ), a region of rugged terrain and tall grass, usually on the sides of the fairway.


The hole is positioned on the green (“green ” ), an area with perfectly cut grass. Based on the distance between the starting point and the green, we calculate the pair, the index with the average number of strokes for the hole is reached. In par 3 holes, the distance is less than 228 meters, the par 4, between 228 and 430 meters, the par 5, 430 meters more


The initial shot of each hole requires a great swing, body movement that makes the bat throw the ball more than 200 meters. First, golfers adjust the position of the body and the club, to decide the right direction. Then concentrate on the strength of the shot to determine how far the ball should go.


In the vast field that can hold up to a thousand square miles , each hole has a different starting point , called the tee , the same name given to the wooden or plastic rod to position the ball for the initial movement . The tee is trimmed in a rectangular area of grass


Another difficult obstacle to be overcome is the rivers and lakes that cross the golf course. If the ball falls into water, the play resumes at the margin, but the player is penalized one stroke more in your score.

TRAP treacherous

In many holes, sand tanks are positioned near the green to disrupt the lives of those who are about to hit the target. In sand, the biggest challenge is to reach the ball without the stick touches the ground first, which totally deviates from the direction of the hit. Click here for more details.